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Bible Verse Visuals

How to Use Bible Verse Visuals:
(Step by Step Photo Tutorial)

If you've never used our Bible Verse Visuals here are some handy tips and tricks you can use to get
the most out of these resources.  First, print these up as a full sheet, and mount to colored
construction paper.  When you've got the full set ready, introduce the verse to children with the
visuals, then play the song as you go through each card.
To review verses you can make a set without the words below (fold, or cut off).  You can also send
children home with the Black & White versions for review, a verse minibook or a coloring page with
the full verse.  To use with young children work on each section of the verse at a time, building on it
as your children learn it..
Bible Minibooks
How to Use Bible Minibooks:
(Step by Step Photo Tutorial)

Our Bible verse Minibooks are meant to help children practice their bible verses on their own.  
There are pictures for each part of the verse as well as the text that correspond with the Bible
Verse Visuals.  These books print up on one single sheet of paper, and with minimal assembly,
fold to create a child size version of the verse.  These fit wonderfully in plastic Index card holders if
you want to keep a collection for your children.  Additionally you can use these as sequencing cards
by cutting out the panels individually, and having children place the verse in the correct order.
You can see how to fold them in the photo tutorial above or here is a short video describing how to
fold our Bible Minibooks.  
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