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Bible Verse Printables
Bible Printables:
Additionally, our Bible Verse Printables are
great for helping children really understand
and know each specific verse.  We've included
some amazing printables, minibooks and
copyworksheet for your homeschool or
personal classroom use.  
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It's never to early to start committing God's word to memory!  Children of all ages can begin to
learn important truths they will carry with them through out their lives.  We personally love
Seeds Family Worship music as they put complete NIV Bible verses to song, making
memorization quick and fun!  
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Bible Verses for Children
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Character Bible Verse Visuals
We are making bible verse visuals to help children learn the bible
verses presented on th Seeds Family Worship CD's.  There are lots of
printables for these so we've got an entire section of our site dedicated
to this undertaking.  We are currently working on the first CD and will
be working out way through the entire set.

Click Here for Bible Verse Visuals
for Seeds Family Worship Music
Bible Verse Visual:  John 3:16
Here are some bible verse visual cards for
the verse John 3:16.  Print these out, and
glue to colored paper.  Use the full verse to
introduce children to the verse, then use
the different pages to break it down in to
easy to memorize sections.  You can use
the black and white versions as coloring
sheets or even send them home with
Bible Verse Visual:  The Lord's
Prayer  (Matthew 6:9-13)  NIV
Here are some printable bible verse
visuals for the Lord's prayer as
recorded in Matthew 6:9-13 of the
NIV bible.  Print these on cardstock
paper and mount to colored
construction paper.
Bible Verse Visual:  Joshua 1:9
Here are some bible verse visual
cards for the verse Joshua 1:9.  
"Have I not commanded you? Be
strong and courageous. Do not be
terrified; do not be discouraged, for
the LORD your God will be with you
wherever you go."
Bible Verse Theme Pockets
Use our Bible Verse Theme Pockets with your
children and students.  Each set comes with
thematic Bible Verses and a printable pocket to
store them in.  The pocket includes a checklist so
children can mark off the verses they've
Bible Verse Collection: Thankfulness
Here is a small set of printable copywork pages
children can complete on the subject of being

Thankful Bible Verse Copywork Pages
Thankful Bible Verse Cursive Copywork Pages
Thankful Notebooking Pages
Thankful Bible Verse Cards
Memory Cross Scripture Cards
If you're looking for a unique way to encourage
children to learn important Bible Verses, check out
these hands on folding cards by
Memory Cross.