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Bible Printables:
We have many different Bible Minibooks
available.  You can find
Bible Story Minibooks
which include short adapted Bible stories.  We
also have
Bible Verse Minibooks, which take
children through the memorization of key Bible
Verses.  B
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So what exactly is a minibook?  It's basically a small printable booklet that you can use as a
teaching, or outreach tool in your ministry.  Each minibook is printed on one single sheet of paper,
and then folded up in such a way that it creates turnable pages.  We've put together a
step by step
photo illustration for how to assemble our Bible minibooks here.
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Bible Minibooks
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On Amazon
Pop-Up Parables & Other Bible Stories
The book includes 14 Old Testament and
18 New Testament pop-up stories.
Reproducible pages guide children
through folding and cutting to reveal a
pop-up surprise they can color in class
and enjoy at home long after class is over.
Take Home Bible Story Minibooks
Present the truth of God’s faithfulness to
students as they color and make their own
mini-books based on the passages of the
New Testament! Each mini-book contains
a scripture reference and an application
question to encourage extension activities.
Ten Commandment Folding Cards
If you're looking for a unique way to encourage children
to learn the Ten Commandments, check out these hands
on folding cards by
Memory Cross:  
Huge Set of Bible Verse Minibook
We are making a set of bible verse
minibooks to go alongside Seeds
Family Music.  These are the
categories we have thus far:

Courage Minibooks
Encouragment Minibooks
Faith Minibooks
Praise Minibooks
Purpose Minibooks
Bible Verse Minibooks
Each of our Bible Verse Minibooks
features an important scripture
for children to learn.  Using visual
clues, children can slowly build on
each section of the verse as they
are ready, simply by turning the
Bible Story Minibooks
These minibooks feature a
very condensed version of
key Bible stories for children
to take home with them, or
share with a friend.  These
make great early reader
books as well.