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Here is a step by step photo tutorial for how
to put together bible story figures.  These are
very simple to make and require a little bit of
glue and a popsicle stick.
Site Tutorials:
Print up your Story Figure
For this tutorial we are usnig a
Noah's Ark Story FIgure.

Noah's Ark Story Figure                BW
Step 1:
To make a bible story figure you'll need to print up
the figure of your choosing.  You'll also need
scissors, glue, and popsicle stick.
Step 2:
Begin by cutting around the rectangle oultine.  You
will have the picture on either side.  Do not cut
them apart.
Step 3:
Fold on the black line so that you have one picture
on each side.  You can test your popsicle stick to
get an idea of where you want to put it.
Step 4:
Open up the sheet, and glue together with the
popsicle stick inside.
Step 5:
Once dry you can trim down the sheet if you like.  
Leave some space around the edges because
the pictures don't always come out exactly
mirrored  from eachother.  (hold up to light to
All Done!
Make a set of Bible Story Figures for your next
story.  Print on heavy cardstock or even laminate
for durability (necessary if you're making a set for
the children to play with!)
Story Figures