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Over 158 coloring pages Bonus: CD-ROM
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Snip & Tell Bible Stories
A snip here and a clip there help Bible studies
unfold. While telling the Bible story, the teacher
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The Encyclopedia of Bible Crafts for Preschoolers
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My First Hands-on-Bible for Preschoolers
My First Hands-On Bible is the preschooler version
of the popular Hands-On Bible, My First Hands-On
Bible uses the experience-based learning to
communicate God’s Word in an active,
understandable way.
How to Use:
This is a bible
storyboard set for
the story of Daniel
in the Lion's Den.  
These start with
Daniel praying to
God, and end with
the Kings law
proclaiming that
Daniel's God is the
one true God.

These are great for
bible story time, or
even for making a
bulletin board
Adam & Eve
Daniel Praying Story Figure                BW
King Darius Story Figure                     BW
Jealous Kingsman Story Figure        BW
Lion's Den Story Figure                       BW
Daniel & Lion Story Figure                  BW
King's Scroll Story Figure                   BW