Bible Songs:
Abraham Bible Storyboard Set
Sunday School Sites
Bible Story Coloring Pages
Over 158 coloring pages Bonus: CD-ROM
contains an additional 34 coloring pages Flexible
for use in a variety of situations (second hour, mid
week, Sunday School, home, Christian school)

Snip & Tell Bible Stories
A snip here and a clip there help Bible studies
unfold. While telling the Bible story, the teacher
makes quick cuts in a piece of paper.
How to Play:
Here is a printable
set of bible
storyboard sheets
you can use to tell
the story of God's
promise to Abraham.  
For best results print
these on heavy
cardstock, mount to
construction paper or
laminate for
durability.  We have
tutorials for how to
use our storyboard
sets here.  
Print this game Free!
Abraham Trusts God
Easy-to-read stories that help build and
strengthen skills while kids learn about God's
Word and His values.Discover what Abraham
saw as he listened and trusted God.

The Story of Abraham
The Story of Abraham includes 3 episodes. The
Son of Terah - Abraham grows up with a great
faith in God. He asks God for a child, but will God
answer Abraham's prayer?