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St. Patrick's Day
In addition to the story of St. Patrick's life, here is
information about how St. Patrick's Day is
celebrated. There are decorations from shmrocks
to shillelaghs. People give cards, share meals,
and wear green to honor Ireland, the Emerald
Isle. And there are parades! Included are six
legends about Patrick. Full color.
St. Patrick's Day Bible Craft
Bible Printables:
Additionally we have a great craft you can do
with your children.  Print up the templae and
then using markers and a ruler make a plaid
patter across them.  Use red markers for the
hearts.  When you glue them down, only glue
the tips of the hearts to make them flap up.  
We've got a full photo tutorial below if you
need to see this craft in action.
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Shamrock Trinity Craft
St. Patrick's Day isn't just about chocolate and leprechauns, it's a great time to share Jesus with
others!  A shamrock with it's three petals can be used to share the message of the Trinity, God
the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  In fact you can put those words to the tune of
Frere Jacques for an easy way to help children remember.
Craft Tutorial:
Step 1:
Print up your Shamrock Template.  Using a
green marker and the edge of a paper (or
ruler) make a straight line across the
Step 2:
Continue making lines of different width
and color.  Provide children with different
Step 3:
Next, begin to draw lines perpendicular to
the first lines.  Do the same thing, making
them in different hues and different
Step 4:
Use a light green, or even a yellow to fill in
the rest of the shamrock.  These begin to
look like plaid.
Step 5:
Repeat the above steps with red and pink
for the hearts.  We added in some polka
dots too.
Step 6:
Cut out your shapes.
Step 7:
Glue the hearts around the shamrock so
that the words are legible.  If you only glue
the tips of the hearts you can fold the edges
up gently for a 3-D effect.
All Done!
Your shamrock is finished!  Use for the
inside of a St. Patrick's Day card, or hang
up in your classroom.
Trinity Shamrock Printable Template
This is a printable template you can use in your classroom with
your students

Other Materials: