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Simply Art Watercolor Cakes
  • A spectrum of colors
  • Rich in color and vibrancy
  • Ideal for artists and crafters
  • Non-toxic
  • For beginning crafter painters,
    beginning fine artists

This is the set of watercolors we
personally own.  It has lasted over
three years and we're only just now a
little bit low on yellow.  The price is
amazing for the value, and it's a great
selection of colors you can use for
Easter Water Color Craft Printables
Bible Printables:
There are many wonderful Easter Bible
Lessons you can tie with this craft, you'll have
many new children and visitors on Easter
Suday.This is a great project to remind
children of THEIR choice of belief.  There is no
in between, no grey area, you either refuse or
accept salvation in Christ.  Not choosing....IS
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Easter Watercolor Craft
Easter is a great time to talk with children about what it means to have a Savior.  God has sent His
Son into the world to save those that put their faith in Him.  The three crosses on Calvary have a
beautiful message of redemption for all mankind, even those in their final hours of life. Jesus Christ
was crucified in between two men, one who mocked and one who eventually believed.
Download Easter Watercolor Template Here
We recommend printing on cardstock paper as
children will be using lots of water with their
Easter Watercolor Template
Step 1:
Print up your template and use a while
crayon or oil pastel to color over the areas
as shown above.  Do the crosses, the
horizon line and then make three shadows
in the shapes of leaning tornados.
Step 2: Paint the Ground
Use a broad flat paintbrush and stroke
across your paper in an arched fashion.  
Use darker earth colors near the bottom,
with lighter greens near the top.
Step 3:Paint the Sky
Use different hues of blue at the horizon,
then bright yellow over the top of the three
crosses.  Be sure your strokes are slightly
Step 4:
Pick up some bright pink and use the flat
tip of your brush to make arched streaks,
over you're sky.  We also added a little
dark purple at the horizon line.
Step 5:
Use what's left of the pink on your brush
and paint the top corner triangles as
shown.  Use more water and slowly blend it
down into your yellow.....still making the
arches to blend  across the page.
Step 6:
All done!  It's hard to tell in the photo, but
you can reall see the places where the
white crayon was.  You can even go over
the top of it with an oil pastel to brighten it
up a bit if you like!
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Craft Tutorial: