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Printable Bible Crafts:
Jelly Bean Prayer Box
This is a Jelly Bean Prayer box children can
make in class and take home for a special gift
for a friend or family member.  Once
assembled, add in some Easter grass and a
jelly bean of each color in the poem.
Step 1:
Print up your Box template and cut it
out.  Use the square to trace
another square onto your colored
cardstock (for the bottom of the box)
Step 2:
Fold your box diagonally.
Step 3:
Open it up and fold it diagonally the
other way.
Step 4:
Open it up again and fold the four
corners to the middle.
Step 5:
Here is a photo of the corners
folded to the center.
Step 6:
Fold one side of the edge to the
Step 7:
Fold the otherside to the middle.
All Done!
Open the edges and do the same
with the top and bottom.
Step 7:
Open up your box completely.
All Done!
Cut on the black lines from each
corner, up to the box.  Do not cut
into the poem.
Step 7:
Flip over your box so that the poem
is on the bottom. We're working with
the triangle shapes on either side now.
Step 8:
Fold the first triangle shape inward
toward the center as shown in the
Step 9:
Repeat with the other side, with the
other triangle
Step 10:
Pull the sides in from the edges of
the triangle, these will be the walls
of the box.
Step 11:
Fold the cut flaps up and over the
walls you just made.
Step 12:
Here's how that will look.
Step 13:
Once your flaps are secure you'll
have a box.  Repeat this process
with your colored paper to make the
bottom of your box.
All Done!
Fill your box with Jelly Beans, one of
each color mentioned in the poem.  
Tie with a ribbon and you've got a
great gift!
Jelly Bean Prayer Box Printable
Print one per child, and use the outline as
a template for them to cut out another
square from colored cardstock for the
bottom of the box.

Other Materials:
Colored Jelly Beans
Colored Cardsock Square