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The Legend of the Lamb Ornament & Card
Each 3" x 3" resin lamb Christmas ornament
includes a 6" card that features the “Legend of the
Lamb” story. A perfect take home gift for children.
Names of Jesus Printable Ornaments:
Bible Printables:
Our printable Christmas Story Ornament Craft
is a great way to encourage children to read
the true story of Christmas. Each page has the
full bible store written out on the front. Then,  
using a few simple supplies you have around
your home, you can transform these paper
stories into a beautiful Christmas scroll that can
be hung on the tree for everyone to enjoy.
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Christmas Story Ornaments
Handmade Christmas ornaments are the most treasured decorations on the tree!  Children love
to make something they can bring home and present to their parents as a Christmas gift.  It's
important to find ways to encourage children to learn about the true reasons for our Christmas
Craft Tutorial:
Preschool Nativity Printables
We've got more printables on our
sister site here!
Step 1:
Print up your Christmas Story Sheets.  You
will need one sheet for every two children.
Step 2:
Glue your Christmas Story to colored
paper.  Provide children with different
colors to choose from.  Cut out leaving a
boarder around it.
Step 3:
IF you want, let children color their
Christmas story with Chalk Pastels or
colored pencils.
Step 4:
We used Cream, Yellow, and Tan chalk
pastels and smugged them around to get
this look.  It's a bit messy on the fingers
Step 5:
Cut the tip off of two straws.
Step 6:
Use your double sided tape across the top
and the bottom of the scroll and place the
straws as shown above.
Step 7:
Use the straw as a guide, and roll up both
ends of the scroll.
Step 8:
Tape a piece of string on the back of the
scroll in a loop so children can hang them.
Send children home with the Christmas
Story Ornament!
Christmas Story Printable
You will need to print our Christmas Story for this

Other Materials:
Colored Paper
Straws (Two/child)
Tape (Double sided if you have it)
Chalk Pastels (optional)
The Legend of the Donkey Ornament & Card
Learn the religious story behind the symbolism of
the donkey with these "Legend Of The Donkey"
Christmas Ornaments. Hang this teaching
ornament on your Christmas tree to add a
religious element to your holiday decor or give
as a gift to a loved one.