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Bible Printables:
Nativity sets don't have to be just for the home
setting. You might consider brining in a set for
your Children's Ministry classes.  
This Wooden
Nativity is  beautiful set that includes interlocking
figures and the Christmas Story written on each
      Additionally, this Pop-up Nativity Craft
makes a great Sunday School activity and
doubles as a gift children can give to friends and
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Printable Nativity Crafts
One of the most cherished Christmas traditions is to bring out the Nativity and place all the
fragile figurines around the baby Jesus.  With three boys, my children often bring their action
figures over to guard and protect the savior the best they can.  By the time Christmas rolls
around there is quite a scene around our Nativity set.
Download Nativity Pop-Up Printable Here
Craft Tutorial:
Preschool Nativity Printables
We've got more printables on our
sister site here!
Step 1:
Print up your Nativity Pop Up Printables.  
Choose a color of construction paper for
the outside of the card.
Step 2:
Cut out the inside of the card and glue it to
the construction paper.
Step 3:
Cut out your Nativity scene and your star.
Step 4:
Use a piece of wire or a pipecleaner and
some tape to connect the star.
Step 5:
Fold up the tabs on the bottom of the
Step 6:
Line up the right half of the tab with the line
on the card.  Tape to the card.  (Or use
glue if you have patience)
All Done!
Your pop-up Nativity card is ready to be
customized!  Children can sign their names
and add a special message.
Step 7:
the Nativity untill the second tab is lined up
on the card.  Tape into place.
Step 8:
Now it's time to fold the card completely in
half.  It helps to do this by holding the
crease lines of the Nativity while you fold.
Step 9:
As you fold the card in half give it a couple
of passes to strengthen the crease.  
Step 10:
you can bend the wire a bit so that it
doesn't show.
Nativity Masks
Just what you need for your Christmas
pageant! Nativity Masks make it easy
to get into character when telling the
story of the birth of Jesus.