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Bible Printables:
Besides a simple play set, we've also included
full page printables you can use a bulletin
board, and classroom skits.  You'll also find
easy coloring pages, and even a Cut and Paste
Nativity Craft.  This is a great set to use year
after year with your children.  Be sure you
check out
all of our Nativity and Christmas
Printables too.
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Nativity Printables & Crafts
Send children home with their own Nativity Play set this year!  We've created some adorable
printables you can use to provide your children with their own story figures they can use to retell
the Christmas story over and over.  It's so fun to watch the different ways your children will
arrange and rearrange their nativity pieces.  Be sure you print on cardstock for durability.
Download Nativity Color, Cut & Paste Here
This is a small version of our Nativity printables
you can use to provide children with their own
Nativity Craft Project.  Children decorate and
paste their own Nativity characters.

Nativity Cut & Paste Page 1
Nativity Cut & Paste Page 2
Nativity Cut & Paste Page 3
Nativity Coloring Pages
We have two different Nativity Coloring  Pages
for Kids.  Our preschool level features larger
figures and focuses on Mary, Joseph and
Jesus.  Our K-5 page features more of the
Christmas story character and animals.
Preschool Nativity Coloring Page
K-5 Nativity Coloring Page
Large Nativity
Storyboard Figures
We have included full page
graphics of our Nativity
figures.  These are wonderful
for story telling, roll playing
skits, and classroom bulletin
boards.  This is a lot of color
ink, so we provide black and
white versions as well if you'd
like to color in your own set.
Baby Jesus  Printable                 BW
Mary  Printable                             BW
Joseph Printable                          BW
Shepherd Printable                      BW
Angel Printable                             BW
Wise Man Printable                     BW
Wise Man Printable 2                  BW
Wise man Printable 3                  BW
Camel Printable                           BW
Sheep Printable                           BW
Star Printable                               BW
Download Nativity Play Set Here
This is a set of printable nativity figures and the
wood beams for the barn.  Print on Cardstock
and laminate if using as a classroom set.

Nativity Play Set Page 1        BW
Nativity Play Set Page 2        BW
Nativity Play Set Page 3        BW
Christmas Card Crafts for Kids
Here are four different Christmas cards you can
print for your children to give to their friends and

Merry Christmas Card Younger
Happy Birthday Jesus Card Younger
Merry Christmas Card Older
Happy Birhtday Jesus Card Older
Printable Nativity Bingo Game
We've got a great game you can play with your
children or students during your Classroom
Christmas Party.  There are five different cards
with some repeat graphics.  Have children
choose one of the images to cover.

Nativity Bingo Game Page 1
Nativity Bingo Game Page 2
Nativity Bingo Game Page 3
Nativity Bingo Game Page 4
Nativity Bingo Game Page 5