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Nativit ySilhouette Craft
Recreate the beauty of this faith-filled
scene! Easy to complete during Sunday
School or on Christmas morning, this
Nativity Silhouette Ornament is a
wonderful reminder of the holiday
spirit. Bright and colorful, just like real
Nativity Masks
Just what you need for your
Christmas pageant! Nativity Masks
make it easy to get into character
when telling the story of the birth of
Christmas Bible Crafts and Printables:
Bible Printables:
Christmas is a great time to teach children about grace, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God.
Children love to hear the birth story of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you can send them home
with an everlasting message of hope and salvation.  Even if you have a young group of children,
consider putting on a short skit or storytime for the parents.  These
Nativity Masks are quick & easy!
Christmas Bible Crafts
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Below are some printable bible crafts you can use
during the Christmas Season.  You'll find
printable Christmas Cards, Printable Ornaments,
Printable Bookmarks, Christmas Coupons and
more! Use these resources in your Homeschool,
Sunday School, and Missions trips.  If you're
looking for resources for younger children please
see our
Preschool Christmas Crafts
Christmas Story Ornament
A fun Christmas craft for your children!  This
scroll has the entire Christmas Story and makes a
wonderful take home activity for all ages.
Pop-Up Nativity Card
This is a great bible craft for kids to make in class
and then take home to give to Mom or Dad for a
Corner Bible Bookmarks
These corner bookmarks make fantastic gifts for
children to take home and present to friends and

Christmas Bible Bookmarks
Word of God Bible Bookmarks
Christmas Coupon Book
This is a fantastic take home craft for children to
make as gifts for Mom and Day, or anyone else
they want to share Christmas with.
Names of Jesus Ornaments
Children can make a complete set of 25
Christmas Ornaments for your classroom, or
your personal tree at home.
Preschool Nativity Printables
We've got more printables on our
sister site here!
Free Printable Nativity Play Set
Print this free Nativity Play set for your children
or your entire classroom.  Print in color or Black
and white.  Small and Large printables available.
Three Wise Men Bible Craft
This is a fun way to make visual representations
of the gifts of the Maji!  Print up the
images of
Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Then follow the
instructions  to make a box out of paper.